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苹果分析师热议三星Galaxy S4:开云·娱乐官方网址

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本文摘要:Evolutionary, not revolutionary, was the general consensus. As for what Samsungs new phone means for Apple (AAPL), the jury was split.评论界对三星(Samsung)Galaxy S4的完全一致评价是,这不能却是变革,而非革命性的进步。

Evolutionary, not revolutionary, was the general consensus. As for what Samsungs new phone means for Apple (AAPL), the jury was split.评论界对三星(Samsung)Galaxy S4的完全一致评价是,这不能却是变革,而非革命性的进步。不过,三星新款手机对苹果(Apple)意味著什么,各方的观点则经常出现了分歧。Piper Jaffrays Gene Munster: Galaxy S4 Evolutionary, iPhone To Essentially Maintain High End Share In CY13. The Galaxy S4 appears to be largely an incremental update to the S3 including a slightly larger screen (4% larger on diagonal), better camera and processor, and updated software, but largely the same body style and casing. We believe some of the software features are unique, including the tilt to scroll, video pausing based on facial recognition, and hand gesture based interactions, but view these software improvements as minor compared with what Siri was to the iPhone 4S or even Google Now to Android... Despite the launch and fanfare around the Galaxy S4, we continue to believe that Apple will maintain a low 40% market share in the high-end smartphone market in CY13.派杰投资银行(Piper Jaffray)吉恩蒙斯特:Galaxy S4的确有所变革,但同时,在2013年,iPhone在高端市场仍将占有主导地位。

“Galaxy S4大部分都是对S3的一次改良,还包括更大的屏幕(对角线尺寸减小了4%),更加出众的摄像头与处理器,以及软件改版等,机身和外壳却基本没变化。我们指出,部分软件功能显然十分尤其,还包括弯曲滚屏功能、基于面部辨识技术的视频停止功能,以及基于手势的对话等,但相对于Siri之于iPhone 4S的意义,或者Google Now语音服务之于安卓(Android)的意义,这些软件上的改版就逊色了不少……虽然Galaxy S4早已公布,而且宣传工作也在如火如荼地展开之中,但我们仍然坚信,2013年,苹果在高端智能手机市场的份额会高于40%。”Jefferies Peter Misek: Software Features Took the Stage. The hardware was as expected and much like iPhone 5, the S4 saw little change in design from its predecessor besides a slight increase in size from 4.8 to 5. Samsung focused primarily on its software innovation and interface inputs such as gesture control and Smart Scroll/Pause. While we were impressed overall with our hands-on experience, we await to see how these features perform in the real world and if they are actually used. What does this mean for Apple? We believe the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple; however, the device is not revolutionary, in our view. Aside from the large screen size, which we believe gives Samsung a large advantage over Apple, we believe many of the features can easily be replicated. Additionally, a major complaint amongst Galaxy users is that they do not like Samsungs customized software, especially when it is a downgrade in performance from stock Android features.杰弗瑞集团(Jefferies)彼得米塞克:软件功能成主角。

“S4的硬件与预期大致相同,与iPhone 5非常。设计方面和之前比起没过于大变化,尺寸也仅有从4.8英寸减少到5英寸。”三星主要专心的是软件创意与界面输出,例如手势掌控和智能滑动/停止等。



Nomuras Stuart Jeffrey: Galaxy S4 to help Samsung overtake Apple. While clearly a step forward relative to the S3, there is much that is evolutionary about the S4, rather than revolutionary. Nevertheless, we see the S4 potentially helping Samsung to overtake Apple in high-end smartphone shipments during 2013. Our initial thoughts include: Derivative form factor – the S4 looks rather similar to the S3 and sustains. Samsung use of plastics as the main backing material. Some compelling new features, although some will only work with other S4s or new Samsung TVs, arguably limiting their appeal. 35-40m high-end S4 and Note sales per quarter seems feasible, which would see Samsung overtake Apple in terms of high-end volumes.野村证券(Nomura)斯图尔特杰弗里:Galaxy S4将协助三星扳平苹果。“虽然S4比起S3有了显著改良,但仍有各种声音指出S4只是一种变革,算不上革命性的进步。


一些有意思的新功能,虽然部分功能仅有能与其他S4手机或新的三星电视因应用于,容许了这些功能的吸引力。高端Galaxy S4与Note每季度的销量或许几乎有可能超过3,500万至4,000万台,终将使三星在高端市场扳平苹果。”Barclays Ben Reitzes: More Competition for iPhone Comes As Expected. In terms of competition vs. Apple, the GS4 seems largely as expected – and there could be some relief for Apple (certain versions of LTE wont be available until later this year). However, as we stated recently in a recent report – we believe that Samsungs momentum is a major issue for Apple. As a result, we need to see Apple expand its iPhone market this year in a big way – and improve its platform. However, Apple seems rather silent of late – and could be waiting until C3Q to make any competitive response outside of potential adjustments to pricing.巴克莱银行(Barclays)本瑞兹:预计iPhone终将面对更加白热化的竞争。

“在与苹果的竞争方面,Galaxy S4基本合乎预期——不过,苹果不用紧绷(个别LTE版本将于今年晚些时候才能上市)。但正如我们在近期的一份报告中所述,我们坚信三星的发展势头不会沦为让苹果困惑的主要问题。




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